If you've experienced the nagging pain from texting, typing, using your mobile phone/ipod/blackberry or when playing your favourite video game... and you want to find instant relief from your pain... Then read this page very closely.

Because... You don't have to suffer from the chronic pain you get just from sending a simple text message, typing or using your controller.
Or... from working on your PC/Laptop/Tablet, or using your Mobile Phone or even when playing your favorite game -- any longer...

If you think you may be getting "blackberry thumb", or "ipod finger" problems that are leading to chronic pain...

There is a solution to your pain and it can be relieved without surgery!

   We should no longer deny our pain...

"When I get together with my friends, we all get this book out and do the exercises as we now realize we should no longer deny our pain. I certainly do not want to end up like one of the sufferer's stories in the book therefore I am acting NOW. Thanks for the great advice and eye-opener."

~ Cloe Wells

Dear Pain Sufferer,

Hello, my name's Lucy Rudford...

As a fellow pain sufferer, I will be honest with you and tell you my own personal experiences and those of my teenage friends and how we ignored the problems with our thumbs, fingers, wrists, arms and even aching backs from using our digital devices.

Texting is our main way of staying in touch. We were texting all the time. Then one day I noticed my thumbs started to hurt when I was texting. Over the next couple of weeks when texting my friends for hours a day, I noticed the pain was getting worse. As time went on my thumbs hurt every time I texted. It was a strange feeling. At first I tried to ignore it, and then I convinced myself it would go away -- if I did not worry about it.

But it didn't go away -- the thumb pain kept getting worse and worse.

Then, one day I mentioned to my group of friends, that my thumbs hurt from too much texting. My friends looked at me and after we discussed this problem, they admitted...

"Hey, we've all have pain in our hands, thumbs, wrists or arms too!"

I knew this pain in my thumb was not going away. Even when I would not text as much it still hurt when I did. So I made an appointment with my family doctor to find out what was wrong because I felt that I needed to find out what was causing this pain.

After his exam, he gave me the bad news... "You could have chronic pain from repetitive strain injury."

He told me that he felt it was from all the texting that I did. He said "This problem, is called RSI and it is becoming an epidemic amongst young people because of all the texting they do."

He warned me of the dire consequences to my body...

"You need to take care of your hands, because if you continue texting this way can cause serious and irreparable damage. It could affect your whole life if you don't take steps to reduce the strain on your thumbs now!"

I was stunned.

Surely at the age of only 19, I couldn't possible have RSI, could I?

But the doctor was insistent. He said I had to reduce or even eliminate my texting and overuse of my thumb.  Or suffer permanent damage.

How could I "give up texting"?

With this bad news, I had to face the facts. I knew my lifestyle had to change. My doctor made common sense suggestions on how to reduce the amount of texting I did. Then he gave me a list of exercises and in-home treatments to do to reduce the strain on my hands, wrists and thumbs to relieve the pain.

If you feel pain in your thumbs, hands, wrist or arms, then please... don't shrug this off.

I talked to my friends and urged them to take it all seriously. Your future working at a job that uses your hands and your ability to enjoy many of the things in life you are now taking for granted, may depend on it.

Because so many of my friends were clueless to the problems with RSI and how it severely affects your health, I decided I would get the word out to as many people as possible by writing this new book, "Pain in the Thumb! Is it RSI, Repetitive Strain Injury?"

Introducing ...

rsi lucy rudford  book

You need to know the real truth about RSI...
and how that "little pain in your thumb" can lead to complications that can ruin your life!

The stories I'm going to share in this book may "shock you"...

I was certainly shocked when I first heard about all the severe medical problems people have with RSI and how it has ruined many people's lives in ways you could never imagine!

rsi lucy rudford hands

And I'm also going to share with you the simple tips you can do to reduce the pain and damage you may have already done to your body with the strain from repetitive strain injuries.

I'll reveal proven methods that will work in minutes to help ease the pain as soon as you start to feel it. Plus, I'll tell you all about the current treatment options available (that really work well to help to reverse the inflammation and damage.)

Why I'm sharing this information here?
I know teens don't want to listen to someone telling them what to do. I didn't. I know from personal, painful experience how not taking care of yourself can cause health problems you never thought would happen to you!

But, first you need to know you are not alone. Tens of thousands of young people and adults and even children are being diagnosed with RSI every day!
But even though I have the solution to helping you with your RSI problems...
You need to know the scary truth about what terrible things happen to people who ignore the growing pain they experience with RSI...

Shocking Stories About Real RSI Sufferers...

"Legally terminated my employment..."

"I was 22 and working as a legal secretary when I first felt pain in my arms. I ignored it, thinking or hoping it would go away, and continued to work at my normal pace. I had recently changed jobs and didn’t want to cause any problems. However, typing for six or seven hours a day I soon realised the pain was getting worse. I continued working for about six months then my employer put me off work. It got to the stage that I couldn’t type more than a few minutes at a time and couldn’t keep up with the workload. They didn’t have any light duties for me nor did they want to re-instate me unless I could type as much as I had previously. In the end, they legally terminated my employment after I had been off work for six months."

Story Source:
RSI and Overuse Injury Association of the ACT


it's embarrassing to have to ask someone to unzip/unbutton my jeans or trousers so I can go to the loo.. "

“I was rinsing off some spaghetti the other night
and my fingers in the affected hand just let go of the colander - and the spaghetti landed in the sink. That was the end of another meal! I can't cut up my food properly or clean my teeth very well (although I have now bought a sonic wave toothbrush which helps with this task). When the pain and motor function is really bad, it's embarrassing to have to ask someone to unzip/unbutton my jeans or trousers so I can go to the loo, or having to ask my husband to cut up my food for me because I can't manage to do this simple task myself.” Source: Watson, M. 2009.

Story Source: Investigating the experiences of people with RSI.

Imagine this worst case but very realistic scenario: (it could easily happen to you or someone you love...)

You have spent a lot of time texting, and constantly typing while using laptops, ipads, tablets, mobile phones and gameboys over the years. These devices are contributing to the strain and the over-use  your hands, wrists and thumbs due to the many repetitive motions and tasks you perform during your day. Lately you've  been ignoring the pains in your thumb and neck. You finally got your first job with a very good chance to get promoted within a few months and you could end up in your DREAM job. After two months your dreams of a fabulous career are shattered -- since the pain you have been suffering for months now, has a definite cause -- you've been diagnosed with irreversible RSI!
You are strongly advised not to sit on the computer any longer or you might end up in a wheelchair! You have to give up your job, your career and your dreams -- your future is ruined...
rsi lucy rudford wheelchair
Why? Because you did not pay attention to your "first" symptoms of RSI!
Surely you wish you could turn back the clock and do things differently! Wouldn't you?
This is the critical damage you can do to your body when you suffer from RSI:
RSIs are serious and painful conditions, often debilitating and permanent.

People who are severely injured cannot use their hands at all—not for computer work, feeding themselves, driving or turning the pages of a book. RSI is a result from overusing the hands, arms or other limbs to perform a repetitive task such as typing, clicking a mouse, texting or writing.

The movements repeated day after day, year after year, thousand and thousands of times result in straining the muscles and tendons of the fingers or hands and microscopic tears are caused. The tendons become inflamed and begin to affect other nerves. As a result of this tingling, numbness can occur. If nothing is done about this cycle, repeated over and over, long term damage can occur.

And even surgery doesn't always cure it!

 rsi surgery lucy rudford

With that thought in mind these are some of the RSI symptom names and the wide range of activities you can get RSI from...
          From Wiki:

RSI is also used as an umbrella term for non-specific illnesses popularly referred to as Blackberry thumb, iPod finger, gamer's thumb (a slight swelling of the thumb caused by excessive use of a gamepad), Rubik's wrist or "cuber's thumb" (tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or other ailments associated with repetitive use of a Rubik's Cube for speedcubing), Trigger finger, Stylus Finger" (swelling of the hand caused by repetitive use of mobile devices and mobile device testing.), Raver's Wrist, caused by repeated rotation of the hands for many hours (for example while holding glow sticks during a rave), and others.



Did you know that: More than 100 million individuals worldwide are predicted to suffer from some type of RSI or other computer associated health problems due to their computer device use?
As you can see, the number of repetitive strain injuries is growing faster and faster as more people spend more time on their electronic devices; and even while enjoying any repetitive style activity!  I was shocked how the number individuals with RSI is growing year-after-year. In fact, the average age of people having RSI is getting younger and younger!

I want you to know I spent many hours researching RSI, how it develops, what to do to relieve the pain and the horrible problems that can occur if RSI is not taken care of when the pain first appears.
So, I gathered together all the critical information you need to know about RSI, including simple exercises and treatments that have been proven to work with relieving RSI pain and even avoiding getting it in the first place!
I've combined them into a comprehensive, but easy to understand resource for anyone looking for RSI symptoms, causes, pain relief treatments as well as in-home exercises and alternative treatments.
Here is just some of what you'll learn when you read the book:
The three main signs of repetitive strain injury (RSI) – and how to quickly and easily recognize each.

RSIs develop from small traumas (micro traumas) that occur over time. As each event is so small, the damage may go undetected for years, whilst individuals continue doing the damaging activities -- find out how to tell if you are susceptible to getting RSI and how to prevent it.

Discover the difference between: Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), Tendonitis (also, tendinitis), Tenosynovitis, Diffuse RSI or non-specific pain syndrome (NSPS), Bursitis, Rotator Cuff Tendonitis and lesser known RSIs.

7 risk factors to RSI you can avoid or reduce your exposure to repetitive strain injuries.

Early warning signs of RSI – what to look for in yourself, your family and children and how to help prevent over exposure to damaging devices and limit their use in innovative ways.

Common treatments for Repetitive Strain Injuries – and how to know if a treatment is right for you, your child or loved one.

Wondering if that headache is due to RSI? Find out the key factors that indicate you have an RSI headache.

You may have cold hands, are feeling easily over-tired and may be experiencing weakness in your arms. Find out what you need to know to see if it is RSI related or not and if you should see a doctor about it.

Questions you should always ask before submitting your child or loved one for a particular treatment – this information will help ensure the treatment that’s right for him or her.

The most common RSI treatments used today – plus how to combine in-home exercises to your treatment plan.

The effectiveness of RSI treatments and what works and what doesn't and why.

Is it early-onset arthritis or problems with repetitive strain injury? - Find out how you can tell inside this book!

Supplements that have been shown to benefit those with RSI – discover how vitamin supplements can help your body stay healthy and curb the harmful effects of too much strain.

3 tips for getting a referral to an RSI knowledgeable specialist – Your doctor may refer you to specialists such as a neurologist, rheumatologist, occupational physician, sports medicine doctor, or physiatrist.

16 medically based treatments - including the pros and cons of surgery. Find out how to get the best treatment options possible to ensure the most effective treatment.

How to understand and use alternative therapies. The book covers 17 alterative therapies you can use to help speed your recovery.

Simple methods for coping with RSI, and how to rethink how you live your life. Find simple tricks to reduce the repetitive tasks you must do while still enjoying things you love to do!

How to deal with the relationship related problems with RSI – follow these tips to connect with your loved one and still enjoy the intimate side of your life.

How to use an RSI trained dog – to do some of the simple things you can't do for yourself and the tasks a dog could do for a person with RSI.

How to ask for help at home and at work – so you don't feel you are asking too much of people and how not feel uncomfortable about asking for help.

And much, much more!

So What Are You Waiting For?

You can have instant access to the downloadable book: "Pain in the Thumb! Is it RSI, Repetitive Strain Injury?" as it is an Instant download. You can open it with free Adobe Acrobat reader software, which most all computers now have. Soon you can be reading all about RSI and how to protect yourself, your family and your children when you read the in-depth RSI information, causes, treatments and prevention tips in just seconds from now!

Yes, you need to do all you can to protect yourself and your loved ones from the far reaching effects of repetitive strain injuries. You will never know how many areas of your life and your loved ones this covers until you read the book!

Download this information now and gain new insights into RSI, discover how to understand the harmful effects, find out how wide-spread the problem is, read how physicians are treating this condition and more importantly -- how to help prevent getting it!

Read what others have said about the book...

            I absolutely love this book.

"Gosh, I was just denying the pain in my thumb. Not anymore after I've read this book. I now phone my boyfriend instead of sending him 10 text messages. Absolutely love this book."

~ Grace Kingsbury


  ...she knows what she is talking about.

"I am full of admiration for Lucy. At the age of 19 bringing out a book about RSI? Surely that should make the news! It is clear after reading the book that Lucy has investigated the subject a lot and now knows what she is talking about. I love the exercises."

~ George Morgan


  ...we should no longer deny our pain.

"When I get together with my friends, we all get this book out and do the exercises as we now realize we should no longer deny our pain. I certainly do not want to end up like one of the sufferer's stories in the book therefore I am acting NOW. Thanks for the great advice and eye-opener."

~ Cloe Wells

So here's what you need to know now...

You found this website because you were searching for information on RSI - repetitive strain injury for a reason. Probably because you or a loved one has has some problems with  thumbs hurting, or hands, or wrists and you want to know if it could be RSI?

Don't waste your precious time spending days searching for repetitive strain injury information online - You know after reading this page that you can't afford to wait and you need to do something about this right away, don't you?

The health and well being of you, and your loved one is not something you want to leave to chance, because the harm with waiting too long -- can be disastrous!

You know you need this information right now.

You know you need to decide now to get this. You want to read the book, then you can rest easier knowing what to do about that pain -- it's not going away and you know without the right help -- it won't!

Download the book now and find out what you need to know about RSI and if you should see a doctor right away.

You can rest easy when you order today.

Because if for some reason the information in "Pain in the Thumb! Is it RSI, Repetitive Strain Injury?"  doesn't help you -- I'll refund every penny you paid up to 60 days from when you ordered it.

It's 100% risk free. You'll be sure to get your money back, if you want with no hard feelings. Just contact me via Clickbank and I will give you a courteous refund.


** Important RSI Relief Update**

As an added bonus when you order today...

Just so you know there is a complete chapter that covers: how to set up your computer and your work area properly to help you prevent RSI injuries not only at work but also in your home too!

The book goes into great detail covers the different office and computer related furniture with the proper heights for optimum ergonomics to help safeguard your health!

We cover innovative ergonomic computer/mouse and other computer device strain reduction tips you'll want to know!

Plus, you will find tips on audio software you can use to reduce typing impact from repetitive strain injuries.

Then to wrap it up, we include links to websites so you can find additional resources to fill most every computer device repetitive reduction need.

And not only that it the book is so complete it includes:

Safe use of cell phones, video games and other hand held devices at home and in the workplace!

You'll find great RSI prevention tips for:


17 simple exercises to help relieve pain and stiffness from repetitive strain -- and the exercises help relieve pain and excess tension -- in just minutes!

It's easy to make a decision to buy this now when you know where to get the repetitive strain injury information you need, isn't it?

I think after reading this page you can understand how critically important getting this information in your hands right now is to your peace of mind.

Once you read the book you will know the truth about RSI and what you can do about it to reduce the impact repetitive strain injuries will have on you and your family and in the workplace.

The sooner you download the book the sooner you can start doing the simple strain relieving exercises and feeling better.

You're Only Moments Away From Pain Relief!

ONLY: $19.97!
(approx. £12.60, Euro 15.60)

After you "Click the Add To Cart Button", and your order is processed, you will receive an ebook. The ebook is an electronic book that is immediately available to download, and can be read from your computer. There is no shipping charges, no waiting! Even at 4AM in the morning you can order the book.

Isn't this price so low you can't help but want to download and read it right now?

Take action by clicking the button below to download the book right now and get the information you've been searching for.

Get those simple pain-relief exercises you need and help prevent further RSI injury!

Here's to protecting your health and that of your loved ones!

Lucy Rudford

lucy rudford

Please don't let this sad story happen to you...


I spent hundreds of pounds each month visiting chiropractors, osteopaths and massage therapists, I began to wonder if I could ever work again."

“Four years ago I developed a repetitive strain injury in
both hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and neck. The vagus nerve was affected and after 15 minutes of doing any kind of work with my arms - washing up, driving, writing, working on the computer - I was in tears from the sickening, deadly aching pain. The hospital physiotherapist told me I presented the most severe and extensive case she had ever seen and warned me I was unlikely to recover fully. I spent a lot of money each month visiting chiropractors, osteopaths and massage therapists, and although they all provided some relief, nothing lasted. I began to wonder if I could ever work again.

Story Source: www.stat.org.uk



You're Only Moments Away From Pain Relief...


ONLY: $19.97!
(approx. £12.60, Euro 15.60)

After you "Click the Add To Cart Button", and your order is processed, you will receive an ebook. The ebook is an electronic book that is immediately available to download, and can be read from your computer. There is no shipping charges, no waiting! Even at 4AM in the morning you can order the book.

P.S: Don't wait until it is too late. Get the book and know the real truth about the damaging effects of RSI and how you can reduce or prevent injuries! Because once the damage is done, even surgery can't cure all RSI problems!

Lucy Rudford is a pen name.

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